Directions from Rome (FCO) to Florence

By Train

1. Follow the directions inside the airport that say Treni (trains). They usually have a green and blue “FS” symbol.

2. Find the Leonardo Express train that leaves approximately every 30 minutes and goes non-stop to Roma Termini, the Rome Central station. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes and the cost of the ticket is around €16.

3. When you arrive at Roma Termini, follow the signs for the Biglietteria (ticket counter). Be sure to purchase your ticket and date it in the validating machine at the station before boarding the train.

4. There are several types of trains that you can take to Firenze (Florence). The fastest and most comfortable train is the AltaVelocità/Eurostar, sometimes written as “AV”. This train ride should take approximately an hour and a half. The cost of the ticket is around €45.

5. When finding which platform to board your train on, make sure you check for the train number and not the destination. The final destination is what is posted on the boards, and Florence is rarely the final destination of the train, as most trains go to Milan or Venice as the final destination.

6. To get from the Florence train station to the ACCENT Center, please see the section below titled “Getting to the ACCENT Florence Center”.