Apartment Living
Apartments are shared with other program participants and are located in and around the historical center of Florence. In most cases, UCEAP students will be the only foreigners in their apartment building and many students enjoy a close relationship with their Italian neighbors and doorman. All student apartments are located within a walking distance between twenty and forty minutes.
Apartments have a combination of single and double/triple bedrooms, average between four and seven people total, and each bedroom is furnished with beds, a closet or armoire, sheets, pillows and blankets. The living, kitchen and bathroom facilities are communal, and all are fitted with the appropriate appliances.
Homestays are an excellent way of fully immersing into the Italian culture and lifestyle and are extremely beneficial to those who want to use and improve the Italian they are learning in class. Florentine hosts come from all walks of life and are carefully screened by ACCENT staff.
Students are placed in double or single rooms, in homes within the Florence city limits, with varying commutes to classes of approximately 20 to 40 minutes by foot or public transportation.