Safety and Security

The safety and security of all students is our top priority. Below are guidelines to follow in order to have a safe semester abroad:
In an Emergency
The ACCENT emergency card should always be carried with you. The ACCENT emergency cellular phone number is listed on the card, which can be called 24/7 for emergency assistance.
General Rules
In general, maintain the same safe behaviors you would if you were in a large city in the United States. Florence, and Italy, can give the appearance of being safer, given the different lifestyle habits and customs, however, the same crimes that happen in the States can happen here as well. Use your city street smarts, and stay safe!
Alcohol Consumption
Drinking alcohol is the number one threat to your safety. While under the influence, you may decide to take dangerous risks such as walk home alone late at night or go home with someone you don't know very well. Drinking alcohol in excess impairs your judgment and causes you to behave in unsafe ways. All of these behaviors seriously put your safety at risk. Furthermore, Italians do not drink to excess, but rather may savor a fine bottle of wine with dinner. Drinking alcohol is associated with a meal, and done in moderation.
Theft and pick pocketing are common occurrences in Italy. Be careful with your belongings and keep careful watch on your bag and wallet at all times. Do not hang your purse or jacket with your wallet on the back of a chair. Particularly problematic places are public areas such as transportation terminals (bus and train), tourist areas (such as the city centers, museums and church entrances), restaurants and discos.
Unwanted Attention
Unwanted attention on the street or in public places can happen to women in Italy. Follow the lead of Italian women and observe how they do not respond or look in the direction of the offender. "Ciao bella" is not a compliment when heard from a passerby. Do not talk to the person, or make eye contact. Simply keep walking. If you are followed, go into the nearest coffee bar, restaurant, store, etc. and ask for assistance. If this occurs on a bus or train, ask the driver or ticket controller to help you.

Helpful Links
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