Site Visits & Excursions

Class Site Visits
Study abroad gives students the opportunity to take their studies outside of the classroom and beyond a textbook. The courses on the UCEAP Florence programs are experiential, dynamic, and use Florence as a living classroom. Program faculty are passionate about Florence and incorporate visits and guest lectures that bring the city to life and reveal some of its most interesting sites and less visited neighborhoods.

Current visits include:

  • Guest lecture on the history and culture of olive oil at a Tuscan olive farm, History and Culture of Food in Italy
  • Reading of Boccaccio's Decameron at a farm in Corbignano, ”What’s Love Got to Do with It?” The Social History of Quattrocento Florence
  • Class on The Medici: Money, Power, and Culture at the Medici Chapels in San Lorenzo, Michelangelo: Art, Persona, and Politics in Renaissance Italy
  • Lecture on early Renaissance Architecture and Brunelleschi’s architecture walking tour: Ospedale degli Innocenti, San Lorenzo church, Cupola del Duomo, Art and Culture in Renaissance Florence
  • Class on the age of Lorenzo the Magnificent held at the Uffizi gallery, Art in the Republic of Florence
  • On-site lecture “Between art and science: travelers in Italy during the 17th century. Natural philosophers and men of letters visiting the city of Galileo." Museo di Storia della Scienza, The Lure of Italy from the Grand Tour to Mass Tourism
  • Walking lecture through artisans workshops in the San Frediano neighborhood for class on Italian Cinema in the Fifties and Sixties and Neorealism, Florence in Cinema
  • Fieldtrip on the geography of food: observing food in rural landscapes in the Florence countryside, Italian Foodscapes: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Food and Culture

Day Excursions
Each program includes one or more day trips to sites of artistic and historical relevance outside of Florence that expand the students’ knowledge of Tuscany and central Italy and complement the culture courses taken at the Study Center.

Past excursions have included